Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan, an embodiment of grace, has been FILA's muse since 2016. Elegance is her hallmark, aligning harmoniously with FILA's century-old Italian finesse. Proclaimed as the "Elegant Goddess", Yuanyuan and FILA's profound bond crafts an enduring narrative of refined synergy.

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Zhang Yixing

In 2021, FILA introduced Zhang Yixing as its spokesperson and leader of FILA MIX. Zhang Yixing is a singer, creative music producer, and budding actor. "MIX" symbolizes fusion, challenging confines and eschewing conventional paradigms. Zhang Yixing's versatile persona and dedication to breaking conventions align with FILA's values. This partnership aims to redefine athletic elegance, infusing FILA's legacy with fresh innovation.

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Zhang Jun Ning

Known as the "FILA Latte Girl", Zhang Jun Ning joined FILA to become a brand spokesperson in 2022, conveying the brand's fitness and active lifestyle concept through her healthy and stylish image. Her partnership with FILA celebrates active empowerment, mirroring its values of passion-driven exercise and self-discovery.

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Huang Jingyu

In 2018, Huang Jingyu graced the inauguration event of the brand as the dignified representative of FILA's sportswear elegance. In this capacity, he officially became a cherished member of the FILA fraternity. With a vision in mind, he aspired for the distinct allure of athletic sophistication to herald a novel tide in the realm of activewear fashion.

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Ou-Yang Nana

In 2021, FILA FUSION appointed Ouyang Nana as its inaugural brand advocate.

The brand hopes to further capture the minds of Generation Z consumers, especially female consumers, by having Ouyang Nana embody the brand's values and emblemising the unconstrained individuality emblematic of Generation Z.

From being an "initial" state as a cellist, to being a singer, actor, and a trendy icon, she is unafraid of experimentation and can freely express herself in various fields, engineering a plethora of offerings tailored expressly for the consummate amusement of youths.

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